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Roof Renovation Painting

Looking to increase the overall aesthetic of your home to brand new and its value then look no further than using our roof renovation painting services – many people believe that any roof service will cost you a lot of money but you can bring your roof back to its former glory without fully replacing it by getting it to spray paint. It is a fully safe, quick and effective approach to roof renovation that is affordable.

If you want to see more of the amazing benefits that roof painting brings such as preventing leaking that could damage your home then check our page out by following the button down below.

Before & After

before upvc sprayingafter upvc spraying

Take a look at how our spray painting services can boost your property aesthetic and increase its overall value. We are able to spray any uPVC surface or exterior property, we can guarantee when you use our services that all the work that we do will last for 10+ years.

Our spray painting is the best and most cost-effective way that you can transform your property into a fresh new modern look.

Contact the team here at Spectrum today by filling out our quote form to give you an affordable estimate on how much it will be plus the timeframe it would take for us to complete the job.

before upvc sprayingafter upvc spraying
Oliver Cooper

The level of service has been outstanding from beginning to end. The crew is always willing to offer timely comments and colour scheme recommendations. The staff was professional, polite, and on time, and the job quality was excellent.

Rhys Robson

The team were professional and neat, and a pleasure to deal with. I had my windows done last year and the result is excellent, they are like new again! Spectrum has returned to re-paint our kitchen, and we are once again blown away!

Jamie Bennett

Spectrum sprayed our windows and garage door recently. We are overjoyed with the ultimate product and have had several compliments on the alteration of our home. From the first quote through the completion of the project, communication was excellent.

Commercial & Residential UPVC Spraying Services

We offer both high-quality UPVC spraying services for residential & commercial properties with competitive pricing. Our team here at Spectrum UPVC Spraying have years of experience in all aspects of UPVC spray painting and is trusted by many happy clients across the Wirral, Liverpool and North West Area.

We use the latest technology and equipment so the work that we produce is first-rate, we are capable of spray painting any environment that you can think of across any UPVC surface for homeowners, landlords, businesses & many more.

By using our UPVC services, your surfaces will look brand new and even increase their lifespan further. Our guarantee is that we always provide top service in a friendly & professional matter and use the best materials to complete the job.

Why Use Our UPVC Spray Service?

If you are looking to transform a surface from worn-down in need of a touch-up to looking brand spanking new then it may be time to reach out for our UPVC spray service, we are able to paint everything from windows to doors, door frames, conservatories and many more. 

UPVC spray paint services are ideal for homeowners or commercial who want to improve their surroundings without actually having to pay for replacements.

These are the amazing benefits you can get with UPVC spraying:

What UPVC Services Do You Provide?

UPVC Window Spray Painting

We specialise in UPVC Window Spraying. Our process is a fast, no mess and easy solution to giving your windows well-needed revitalisation with brilliant results. You can save up to a massive 75% by getting a UPVC spray service on your windows compared to replacing them. We have worked on every job of every size, no job is too big or too small when it comes to us, through our years of experience we can guarantee a high-quality paint spray that won’t fade, crack or peel for over ten plus years.

UPVC Door Spray Painting

Has your UPVC door started to lose the colour it once has or does it look out of place? No need to worry, our UPVC door spraying service can change its colour or bring it back to its former new colour. You can choose what colour you want your door to be and we’ll do it! This will completely renovate your current door to make it look fresh and pristine. The paint that we use is reliable & will last for a long time. If you want to see more about our high-quality UPVC Door Spray service, you can see more here.

UPVC Conservatory Spray Painting

Have you got a UPVC Conservatory that has started to age over a period of time? We can help bring it back to its former glory with our UPVC spray paint service. While it may seem an easy fix, the process is a lot more than just spray painting it but leave that to us. We are a team with years of experience in UPVC paint spraying who can deliver you first-rate results that you can be proud to show off. This way you can save hundreds on having to shell out on replacements for your conservatory.

UPVC Garage Spray Painting

Is your garage door UPVC? Let us refresh its look to make it look up-to-date and recently installed with our UPVC spray painting garage door service. We are experts in all areas of UPVC and garage doors are no different. We offer an affordable high-quality service and we guarantee that it will not fade, crack or peel if that’s what you are worried about as our spray painting will look fresh for up to 10+ years. The way we are able to achieve the perfect finish on our jobs is because we follow an efficient process while never rushing.

Cherry Picker For High Access Of Awkward Areas

For upper floors and tall buildings, we have access to Cherry Pickers that go up to 20 meters high with a 9-meter reach so that we can reach them at tricky heights.  This helps save us a lot of time compared to using a ladder plus it is much safer to move around your property with ease.

Exterior Property Spraying

Looking To Contact Spectrum UPVC?

Need to contact us? You can fill out the form to get a quick quote from us or you can use one of the contact info below to reach out to us. All of our quotes are fair & no obligation.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

Have some questions about UPVC? We are more than happy to answer any questions or queries you may have regarding our services, to help save time for both parties we’ve put together the most frequently asked questions we get about our UPVC spray service to help you gain more clarity and knowledge before you use our services.

How Much Does UPVC Spray Painting Cost?

The price for this service differs due to the type of surface and time duration span. Generally, it could be anywhere from £150 to £250. Contact us now to book a free quote and find out the price of your project.

How Long Does UPVC Spray Painting Services Take?

Spray painting your UPVC windows will provide a cost-effective and durable solution, with a fast turnaround time. You can have your windows sprayed in as little as two hours and they will be looking good for up to 10 years. Spraying the paint on is much quicker than other methods such as brushing or rolling and it provides an even finish that is resistant to scratching. The process also requires less labour so there are fewer people needed to complete the job meaning it will take less time overall.


If you are requiring a job such as four bedroom house then it may take up to a day, contact us today with your situation and we will be able to give you a time-frame there and then.

What Colours Can I Choose?

There is a wide range of colours that you can choose from with us. We are able to source custom colours that you may not see on our website so please contact us and we can see what we can do!

What Finishes Are Available?

You can choose from matte, satin or gloss. The choice is completely up to you but as it can be a difficult choice, we can help guide you to what you are looking for. Many people tend to go for a satin finish as it has 30% shine compared to gloss which is 100% shine.

Do You Tidy Up Afterwards?

100%. There is no need to worry about any mess being left on site as we are completely professional and would never leave a job in a mess. We’ll sort everything out as we want our process to be as hassle-free & simple on your part.